EJOK is a new initiative to help a Turkana community improve their local primary schools and basic health care

The northern region of Kenya is world famous for the fossils that have revealed the beginnings of humankind. It is also home to the Turkana, a pastoralist people who live in these harsh and arid lands. Their traditional way of life is changing fast, and as they face the challenges of the 21st century, the education and health of their children is the highest priority. EJOK was started by scientists working in the area to help the communities they work with in a small way. In 2013, EJOK built a new classroom for the youngest kids who are beginning their education at Lokwar Ankhaleso. In 2014, EJOK aims to build a small dispensary at Lokutumo so that the local communities have access to the most basic of health assistance. 

2014 EJOK Project: to build a small dispensary

2013 EJOK Project: a new classroom built at Lokwar Ankhaleso


Turkana elders discussing the building of the new classroom, August 2012